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Tiles are some of the best options if you’re looking for durable and attractive materials that can last for a long time. However, installing tiles isn’t a walk in the park, which is why it’s often recommended to hire experts like S&J Tile. Our team is based in San Jose, CA, and we provide top-notch tile installation and repair services to property owners in the area. Book an appointment with us today!

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What We Offer

Tile Installation

Tile Installation

Our experts will walk you through different tile types, explain their pros and cons, and help you pick out the ideal option for your home. They’ll also assist you with choosing the right tile colors and designs that will complement your interior design and boost the aesthetic appeal of your space. Of course, they will take care of the entire tile installation process, ensuring that your new tile surfaces are properly installed and that they’ll be durable and long-lasting.

Tile Repair

Tile Repair

We don’t just work on tile installations — we also assist property owners with their tile repair needs! Our team has the tools and skills to complete tile crack repair tasks and other projects and restore the durability and elegance of your tile surfaces. If there are tiles that are too damaged to repair, we’ll take them out and replace them with similar tiles to preserve the aesthetic appeal of your space. Learn more about our tile repair services by giving us a call!

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Why Hiring Professional Tile Installers Is Always Recommended

Many property owners choose to install and repair tiles all by themselves, and there’s nothing wrong with doing so. However, it’s important to note that DIY tile work isn’t easy since it requires advanced skills as well as plenty of time and effort. So, if you’re busy with your job and other obligations and don’t have enough time for tile projects, or if you have zero experience with the task at hand, your best option is to hire professionals like us. By using our tile restoration service and other solutions, you’re assured that your tiles will be properly installed and repaired and that you’ll have the durable and elegant tile surfaces that you deserve. You’ll also save time and effort since our tile experts will handle each phase of the project from beginning to end.

How We Deliver Our Tile Solutions

At S&J Tile, we use modern methods to repair and install tiles according to industry standards and provide world-class solutions to property owners, and we utilize specialized tools that help us finish each project in a fast and efficient way. We also source our tiles from trusted suppliers that are known for their commitment to exceptional product quality and provide us with top-shelf materials at reasonable prices. So, by choosing us to be your tile contractor, you know that your project will be completed with durable and first-class tiles and that you’ll enjoy great value for money.

Our Service Areas

We’re primarily based in San Jose, CA, but we don’t just focus on helping local customers with their tiling projects. We also offer our professional tile repair and installation services to property owners in the surrounding communities, such as:

  • Alum Rock, CA
  • Santa Clara, CA
  • Berryessa, CA

S&J Tile is one of the best tile installers and tile repair experts to hire in San Jose, CA. Get in touch with our team now!

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Client Testimonials

by Stacey Frye on S&J Tile
My Tiles Look Better Now!

I was so worried that my tiles would look worse after the restoration, but I was wrong. They look much better now and they make my home more beautiful. I'm very glad that I hired this tile restoration service provider.

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  • Tile Installation
  • Tile Repair